Our Classes

Classes include:

Technical Weights

One of the easiest ways to get injured is by incorrect technique in the gym. Such injuries are easily preventable, so we’ve created a class specifically designed to teach correct techniques and forms. The Technical Weights class is designed for those with a reasonable amount of gym experience to shake off bad habits, improve their techniques and get improved results with every workout. And if you’re a beginner, this can get you started on the right track.

Speak to us now to find out more how the new Technical Weights class can be integrated into your existing workout routine.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is a core aspect of any successful training program.

It involves weight training, core work, stability, functional exercises, resistance bands, TRX bands, kettlebell and cardio exercises. Classes are varied to suit each participants strengths and weaknesses.

All fitness levels & ages are welcome.

High Intensity Training

H.I.T (High Intensity Training) aims to maximise your workout in a short time.

Expect a variety of running, skipping, spinning, jumping, rowing & floor work. Its up to you and how hard you train!

We’ve designed these classes to cater to all fitness levels.


Bootcamp is all about maximum performance in a short time. You’ll be running, skipping, spinning, jumping, rowing & doing floor work. These are designed to cater for all fitness levels. This is a great workout!

Beat the Clock

Are you able to meet the weekly challenge? Each Beat the Clock class has a new routine designed to work over all your core groups, and stretch your boundaries while still having fun.


Sparring There’s no better way to test both your fitness and skills than with a sparring session. Our trainers will give you one on one sessions designed to get immediate results. Suitable for all experience levels, this is a safe and controlled way for you to put your skills into practice.

Gloves Up

Gloves Up Do you want to take your boxing to the next level? Than our new Gloves Up class is perfect for you. Suited to all ages and experience levels, our expert trainers can show you immediately how to improve your technique and maximise your skills, as well as revealing the mystery behind more advanced techniques like combinations and footwork.